Amman Mayor HE Aqel Biltaji visit to ITX Dell preferred partner

In an attempt to facilitate the life and activities of the residents of Amman and to upgrade the services that are provided by the Greater Amman Municipality, the Mayor of Amman HE Aqel Biltaji visited the offices of ITX, the Dell preferred partner, to transform Amman into a smart city. The municipality’s great efforts shall hopefully be transferred into a plan in coordination with ITX and Dell, through applying the latest technology to serve our beautiful capital city. Accordingly, and to increase the luxury and comfort of the Jordanian citizens, the free Wi-Fi for everyone will be provided once electricity saving methods are applied. In addition, the CCTV project will be implemented and thus will ensure the safety and security of the Jordanian citizens.

ITX provides the market with the latest in Information Technology, digital and office solutions. ITX managed to gain the biggest, leading brands’ trust including DELL, Samsung, BROTHER, OKI, NEC, Microsoft, APC, OneAccess, Bluecoat and Symantec. All of there brands rely on ITX as their number one provider into the Jordanian market. Not to mention the after sales services provided by a specialized and well-trained technical support team, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.