Amman 28 Jan 2015, ITX signs an agreement with Khawarizmi College. The signed supply agreement states that ITX will provide Khawarizmi College with the latest digital signage, Interactive white boards and Cloud computing displays for labs from Samsung. ITX [...]

NEC’s continuous innovation and commitment pays off Hilversum, 23 June 2014 – NEC Enterprise Solutions today announced that NEC has become the leading vendor in the global PBX extensions/licenses market, taking the no. 1 position as worldwide market leader [...]

Aramex International Company, just signed contract with ITX to supply DELL Storage for their data center.

NEC takes no.1 position as worldwide market leader. With 13% market share in Q1 2014, Total market excl. Micro PBX, lNEC’s continued strength in Asia Pacific, Strong market share growth in US and EMEA. NEC offers a broad range [...]

As the third platform gathers momentum, the interplay between the 4 elements – mobile, cloud, social, big data – brings additional security challenges. You may not realize it, but today’s web applications, social networking and mobile devices have dramatically [...]

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